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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Being Responsible for the Good Stuff Too

Take a Bow!

Recently someone complained to a friend that I was egotistic. Indeed from her perspective it is true. While in a conversation, I stated I was really good at something.

We have been taught to take responsibility for being stupid, making mistakes or being unkind. As spiritually mature adults we get to be responsible for our successes too. 

For too long it has been ok to acknowledge only our faults.

We appear humble then. That’s the game. However, many reveal a fault to have others rush in to rescue them, to bolster them and tell them they are wonderful.

It’s ok to have others acknowledge your abilities but oh dear, you’re egotistical if you do it yourself! Why? It’s just an old pattern of not seeing ourselves as whole, remaining separate from our true self. It’s part of the game of false humility. 

Once you recognize you are part of God. Creator, Oneness, how can you deny any aspect of yourself? 

The intent behind your comments: ego, false modesty, separation or higher awareness, may be interpreted wrongly. It matters not. It is simply perception and as spiritually aware humans it is our job to allow all perceptions. 

I must insure the intent behind my self awareness comment arises from acknowledgement of the Source within.

Know you are related to, part of and irrevocably connected with god, creator, oneness, whatever you want to call it. Relax into it. 

Stop being less. 

Claim being positive, good, whole and One. 

Your awareness affects everything. Don’t verbalize your fears and less-than feelings until they become your persona. Become even more by embracing all you really are, in wholeness. See the creator in otherselves too. This will anchor the paradigm shift for the next step in human nature. This is your accountability for being a piece of God, Oneness, Allness, Creator. 

The old rituals, traditions and rules aligned your body and life and were sustained by the old energies. Those old energies are gone, literally gone. Set new traditions of alignment with the new energies.
The New Alignments
Create enlightenment traditions that will set standards for the future. 

Traditions are made by humans and it’s time to rewrite them. Base them in joy and love and you cannot be wrong. Base them not in subservience, lack, insecurity or fear. That was the old paradigm. You have only to look at myriad familiar rituals, memorized catechisms and songs in every belief to see the hidden triggers fostering hierarchy and separation. 

With new traditions there’ll be no judgment, no ego, no hierarchy or separation. We will exalt being balanced, comfortable and enlightened within our own amazing selves as an aspect of Allness.

 Instead of losing ourselves in a greater awareness, we can acknowledge our excellence and individuality.
Unique aspects of the Whole

So we can say “I’m a good artist.” or “I created that fabulous meal.” and be even with it. Sure, some will not agree with your declaration and that’s ok too. But help set the new energies in claiming your godself.

Instead of humanizing god, godify the Human! That is the more accurate new tradition to create.

You are more than you know.