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Monday, January 15, 2018

Why you came to Earth

Why You Came To Earth

Questions from my email inbox:

Q: I believe we planned this life carefully with advisors and spirit guides, our mentors. How do my 3D experiences fit into the way I planned this incarnation before I was born.

Between incarnations we plan our next lives. We set out guidelines for emotional and soul experiences for the purpose of growth. It's a general plan. Then we get here and lo and behold you are a sister or brother to your murderer in a past life. Wow, there's an opportunity for growth and forgiveness! You planned well. You may not actually remember the murder but you take an instant dislike to that sibling. You must learn from it. It is your great teacher.  
Each incident is constructed by us after we incarnate in this great stage play called life. We can change them based on the growth we achieve here. We're pretty powerful. To the extent we wake up and learn from all the catalysts we encounter, we can change things, but most importantly we can change our attitude toward things. Gratitude, joy, forgiveness and love are optional responses to all catalysts.
Q: So did I carefully select to come to a planet to be a part of a species that is both a destroyer and being destroyed. Is that the lesson itself?

A: You came here this time to add your energy, love, beingness, consciousness and intentions to ascension for all sentient beings. As many as possible will thus be assisted and supported in awakening and in turn help raise others’ vibrations to move beyond this 3D experience.

We are creating the new time lines (realities) for ourselves. It takes a lot of us to get this job done. There are others who prefer different timelines that would greatly delay our growth/ascension.

Our ascension has reverberations for endless galaxies of beings beyond our knowing who will also benefit because of us. They know that when we ascend (raise our vibrations to achieve 5D, but remain on this planet) that we affect them too, essentially assisting , supporting and  changing their time lines too, but no one yet knows how it will look for them. Our entire solar system will increase its vibrations and ascend also. We are living in amazing times.

You volunteered to be here now and I’m very glad you did. Your energy is needed.

Q: Is there karma I’m reaping for being an earth and animal consumer?

A: You don't reap Karma for being an animal eater. There is always rebalancing and rethinking going on and a chance to do things differently, to move up in our vibrations. We did as we were taught and followed others' examples. Eventually we learn the concepts as in 'Oh yeah, meat lowers our vibrations' so we choose vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds more often. You now become an example for others.

Likewise we choose loving responses instead of judgment more often. There are so many opportunities to become more loving.

Karma is just a thing like religion that keeps us feeling wrong, fearful and disempowered. You wouldn't make your kids feel bad over and over, including in the next life, if they did something wrong. Neither would the Infinite Creator do it to one of its creations! Wrongness is just a teaching that has consequences so we can choose differently in the next now.
It’s important to be wrong to know what it feels like and thus choose differently next time.

This lifetime is very important and is about raising consciousness first last and always. Your passion, your caring, your thoughts and your search for awareness are what is important.

When you shift your thinking internally it will be reflected in things and people and choices around you. Even if you don't actually teach it, you will be an example of it, which is way cool and highly transformative for others.

Q: I wonder if aliens are evolving beings also, do they have incarnations? It would seem reasonable.

A: Yes aliens are evolving and have incarnations. Many remember their past lives and a lot of the awareness they achieved in those lifetime. Many live thousands of years.

The Tibetans have a goal to make every thought loving. Pretty worthwhile, isn’t it.
We are way more powerful than we think. Together we can change this planet. We can join our minds and hearts with those who seek peace, joy and love in groups or in our individual meditations. Make these your intentions. And so we awaken.


                                          Choose Joy, It's always an Option!

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theresa sullivan said...

Hi Dollie Mae,

I found one of your books at a consignment shop. The book is called Finding Joy in the Midst of Crisis. It has given me many things to think about. I enjoy your blogs and your perspective on things. Keep them coming! Looking forward to the next one.

Be Well


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I like the way you write.


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