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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Great Changes are Upon Us

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 "What the Caterpillar calls the End of the World,
the Master calls a Butterfly."
                             Richard Bach

Lately in many of my dreams huge numbers of people are moving, literally walking over hill and dale in massive groups. Most of these people seem detached from any permanent residence and carry minimal baggage. Many have just a satchel for all their possessions.

These hordes of people have been moving upwards; usually up a beautiful hillside of green lawn. Nothing was run down. Homes were all around. No one was desperate, violent, angry or resentful. There was purpose in their movements, together, upward, calmly, fearless.

These dreams tell me we are in the midst of great change. Recording and analyzing them over long periods shows me trends in personal, physical, spiritual and global situations.

For me this enormous movement is a huge indication of massive changes on the planet. Many will detach from their physical possessions, from fears, from physical addictions to things and money and jobs and all manner of things that held them back from seeking a higher attunement. They will carry with them very little ‘baggage’. They will have worked on their inner selves and released angers and fears and lower vibrations.

Indeed everyone will respond differently to change but my dream tells me huge numbers are seeking higher vibrations and accepting changes. This indicates a real and focused intent upon personal ascension.

As my friend says “We have passed the tipping point of slow movement towards the shift.” We are in the shift and great changes are upon us. There are areas and incidents of transformation all over the planet. Violent storms and violent acts grab the news headlines. Non violent seekers of personal transformation do not; and there are huge numbers of us.

We see Mother Earth making her shifts. There will be more. She is doing it so the least numbers of humans are injured. Things are destroyed. Did we get the message? It’s people that are important. We need not recreate destroyed areas in the same old way. It’s time for a change. Let’s bring on the Tesla type of electricity and known healing methods, free to everyone.

All things, negative or positive give opportunity for growth through choice. We learn to release, to forgive and to love. If we do not, we are not part of the group moving upwards. Everything presents us with choice to move, to change, to shift in a positive or negative way. The Law of One states that negative experience offers the greatest path to awakening from 3D slumber. One hundred years on planet earth is worth 100,000 elsewhere. It’s one of the reasons we chose to come here now.

Forgiveness catapults us on our path to awakening. In order to be so catapulted, we need negative input, aka, something to forgive!  Be grateful; there’s plenty of that around. This planet is the best place to grow. There’s lots of opportunity to judge things as bad and stop the flow of seeing how they could possibly be good. It’s an option.

In one recent dream a group of five separate and unsuccessful musicians had banded together and became successful. Five is all about change. Musicians deal with vibration and this group played unusual stringed instruments. Music is a special kind of vibration and these five made beautiful music together. They constantly traveled to play their music all over the world. Out of change they created a better reality for them all. Positive changes and working together; it’s just what our next reality is all about!

The way we embrace change will determine our movement forward as individuals and as a planetary consciousness. We are so much more than we yet know. There is so much opportunity. Remember to ask for growth in the vibration of peace and joy.

May we each choose wisely.
Dolly Mae

Dolly Mae is an intuitive consultant.
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Choose joy… it’s always an option.

Light Notes
  "The friendlier you become to yourself, the more merciful and forgiving you are for other people."
                                                ~ Pema Chodron

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