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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Lightworker's Job

A Lightworker is one who is aware s/he is a beacon, a lighthouse, shining the light of love.  This light can be used to heal, to feel and to just be. It is the vibration of Love and Joy. It does not have to be pushed out or manipulated, though it can be. A Lightworker may seemingly do nothing, yet by virtue of being present, that presence calms, awakens, increases and shifts others in subtle and wonderful ways.  A lighthouse is simply light, shining. What others choose to do with that light is theirs to create.

A Lightworker's job is to be light. The result of which calms those not understanding what is going on in this ascension process: chakra (energy centers in the body) awakenings, sleeplessness in the extreme, odd joint or muscle aches, dizziness, memory lapses (no, it’s not dementia), and various heart palpitations, headaches and fleeting oddities. Those who experience these things are not sick. This is not a problem.

Clients call, worried about the specific group of things happening to them: joint pain, vision shifts, headaches, stomach discomforts, food and eating habit changes, sleep disturbances and dizziness. Their worry and fear is really the excitement of the new ‘movie’ we are in and we’re glued to the screen watching, seeing and being slightly freaked out.  Freaked out is an option.  Call someone and get answers, calm your fears and concerns. Better yet, go within and speak with your own higher guidance and be calmed. It’s really ok. You’re really ok.

You’re right on target with your original life plan/contract you created before coming into your earthen third dimensional self. You chose to be here at this time of Earth’s shift. Your body is literally shifting from a carbon base to a crystal base. Science proves this; they are watching it as the individual cells shift their DNA and the carbon element changes its atomic weight. 

Think about it. We are physically and energetically shifting into holding more light in our cells.  Becoming a crystalline light being is not going to happen all at once, but gradually so you can become used to it in body, mind and spirit. Your soul already knows where it’s headed.

Your energy body, the seven chakras centers running up the spine, direct much of these changes as they process the new waves of higher vibrational Light coming onto this planet.  Sunlight and moonlight are whiter, less yellow. The vibrations of the Light coming from these nearby celestial bodies and other distant ones too are what creates the shifts.  Those who resist, deny and reject these changes will not shift.  They will find themselves in a place that supports their perspectives. No need to fear. You are in control. Shift is why we came here. The train is leaving the station but some people don’t want to go… no problem!

So what’s the big deal about light? Science is beginning to understand that everything that exists is some form of light in the huge spectrum of Xray, ultraviolet, laser, dark holes, sunlight, radio waves, etc. Light makes things happen. It comes in waves. It is currently making this planet and this universe and all the beings in it change by shifting the entire vibrations of everything. Everything! We are becoming another missing link science wondered about long ago. The last shift was from animal to thinking human. This shift will be from human to galactic being with a sense of unity, peace, love and joy; our true nature, beyond duality, past good vs. evil into resolution of separation in the reunion with a galactic brotherhood of higher consciousness. Obviously this is not a little change!

We’re being modified and upgraded as a species, as a planet as a universe and as all of creation is. We have agreed to help create this happening. This upleveling is not isolated to our world.  It is multi universal.  The big difference is this has not happened this way before. No other group of beings stayed in their bodies during the shift.  Hence so many non human beings are here to assist, watch, guide, direct and hold loving space for us to experience this first time event for the universes.

A Lightworker’s job is to be aware of darkness, but not drowned in it. A Lightworker will be aware of all the corruption, greed, fraud, abuse and serious bad behavior of the controlling 1% of the population and how they perpetrate their dastardly acts on us through media, politics, banking, food and religion. That awareness is for the purpose of bringing light to darkness. It reveals what has been hidden. Shining the light of awareness uncovers the shadow world that ran the now failing people of dark power. It not only makes them vulnerable but oftentimes gives them an opportunity to switch sides which personal safety may have prevented them from doing before this light arrived.

We get to decide who we are in relation to all this. We can be the Lightworkers who hold the space for forgiveness. We can become the persecutors who demand retribution, penalties, jail time and public humiliation. Lightworkers choose Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. We aren’t perfect but we try to remember we are all One and those scalawags agreed to play their roles in this lifetime for a purpose. It has all brought us to this hour of awakening. They get to show us the depths of the shadows within us all. Maybe in this life we did not do shameful deeds, but somewhere in our many incarnations or thoughts or anger, the shadows lived, if only for a moment.

Things are changing. It’s an exciting time to be here on Mother Earth. I sense Peace, Love and Joy just around the corner. Together we will make this real and this planet will go forward in its higher vibrations, cleansed, whole, loving, free of hunger and full of abundance and light. 

If you’re reading this, you too are a Lightworker. Welcome home.


Anonymous said...

You're a shining beacon on the web. I love visiting here.

- Leslie

森田 玄 said...

Aloha Dolly,

I just came across this article this morning at friend's house in Pahoa, which was posted in the Paradise Post.
And very impressed and moved. My family moved to Hawaii last year after evacuating our house because of 311 earthquake incidents especially radiation from the melt down reactors in Fukushima.

I am a Japanese translator of "Matthew Books" which I assume you are aware of.

I also like to ask your permission to translate this article into Japanese for my Blog in Japan.

Are you in Hawaii? I and my family live in Kona.

Mahalo, in advance.

Gen Morita
Translator & Holistic Health Councelor


kaki3 said...


細谷さんと共にいつも影ながら応援させて頂いております。 ご健勝の程おいのりしております。

Kaki3 柿木田 信広

感謝!Kaki 愛!Kaki 光!