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Friday, November 7, 2014

How YOU Make a Difference

By your joy, laughter, positive thinking and embracing of opposites you make a difference. By your willingness to forgive, your love offered to others and your intentions and desire for planetary peace and balance you help create the web of reality that makes these things real.

You are anchoring these concepts into our reality.

We are all connected. Consciousness is unified.
Overcoming the quagmire of media negativity and personal and global conflicts is tough. But we are called to do so. There is always a balance of sorts that is being sought. By your laughter and joy you give this planet a resounding gift, a basis for anchoring and growing the consciousness of enlightenment. It’s why we came here this time. Keep choosing joy. Choose to turn away from negativity or transmute it. Change a topic. Interject a smile. Say something fun or complimentary.

Consciousness has its own physics. One day there will be many tools that can measure it.  Some of the groundwork done by Gregg Braden reveals how the outpouring of compassion after 9/11 was reflected physically in earth’s resonance. It was measurable.

If you want peace you must be the source of it. You must find a way to navigate stresses with neighbors, co-workers and friends.

Recently a client asked about workplace clashes. The reading showed she was a critical key to offering a new way to effect change in her reality. She was to begin a grassroots unification process, simple and effective based on bringing many together in small groups of joy: pot lucks, get togethers, musical entertainments and other small events in order to find commonality of interest instead of divisiveness.

As we move into 5D we are seeing that each knows innately when things clash and when they gel and that central leadership is not always useful. Each small group will come together in ways that offer balance, harmony, unification and growth, personally and for the workplace so all will benefit. 
Eventually this will become so highly developed that hierarchies will simply fall away as they prove to be unwieldy and ineffective.

Hierarchies in neighborhoods, governments, corporations, military and churches no longer address individual needs; but only the needs of the few elite. Members are simply groomed to be useful tools by the elite in these structures.

My client asked her superiors “When do you show appreciation for the employees?” The boss was stunned, quickly recovered and replied “At the end of the year at the party. Then in 5 years you’ll get a badge of acknowledgement.” Clearly in that mid-sized business there is a problem.

Dale Carnegie, one of the greatest business minds taught “Be hearty in your approbation (approval) and lavish in your praise.” This is a key to cooperation within families, co-workers, politicians, leaders and neighbors. Everyone wants to be approved of, included and appreciated. So start now.

Being happy is a start. But this is about making happiness a way a life through practicing it. Consciously reminding oneself that joy is an option available to you at all times is a good way to start. In my book I show ten ways to make happiness real in your life. The first step is gratitude.

Gratitude is simply feeling grateful for something when you are in fear or anger or anything that is not loving. It is a giant step forward. It is a constant daily practice worthy of you and who you really are. At any moment when you are not happy, realize you have a choice; then choose to be grateful for something, anything! One bit of gratitude brings on another and soon you are standing in a state of gratefulness and no longer in anger, low esteem or frustration.

You did not have to conquer the anger or esteem issue. You simply stepped into a higher vibration by choosing. Stay aware of what you are choosing. Your subconscious offers options. Train your conscious mind to make the choices. Don’t let your subconscious run the show and repeat old unhappy patterns just because it always has done it ‘that’ way. Choose consciously.

Personally I use a mantra to keep me reminded of the higher vibrational choices. I now use the Gaia Mantra as sung by Deva Premal available on YouTube. Lovely chant. Took a while to learn, but so worth it and helps me create a focus. Sometimes I use shorter, simpler ones I’ve learned over the years.

The sum total of all peoples’ thoughts at any moment is reflected in the global peace or conflict that is happening at that moment. Do you see how important you are? YOU affect the whole.

Use that ability consciously by staying vibrationally tuned to your higher self through joy, laughter, love, appreciation, gratitude. Know our planet has already chosen to move into higher awareness. We are amazingly supported by humans of like mind and by ETs here to assist our growth.. in form and in presence without form.

Simply align with a desire for your own higher consciousness. This is powerful stuff. The thoughts you send out, the vibrations you offer each moment help create movement forward or not.

Each moment moves humankind to a place of more peace or not, a place of accelerated awakening or not. The input is you and me, each and every one of us. We can make the outcome happy by our consciousness in each and every moment. Choose joy. It’s always an option.

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